SilverStone Grandia Series HTPC Case with Aluminum FP Micro-ATX, 2x Hot-Swap Drive Bay, 3x120mm Golf Bladed Fan, USB 3.0 x2 and 11-Inch Expansion Card GD06B (Black)

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  • Brand: Silverstone Tek
  • Category: Computer Cases
Building off the successful GD04 and GD05, two chassis models that set benchmarks in 2009, SilverStone created the Grandia GD06 to again raise the expectation enthusiasts have for HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) chassis. SilverStone engineering team's expertise in SFF (Small Form Factor) and HTPC are again in full display with GD06's expanded capability in storage and cooling performance. These improvements were made with the compact depth maintained (340mm) and exterior visuals enhanced as the GD06 is stunningly beautiful as a computer chassis and fits perfectly in the living room. Its five hard drive storage is augmented by two hot-swappable bays for maximum flexibility while a front door lock and a rear Kensington Security Slot ensure security for the installed drives. Cooling is provided by three 120mm silent fans with filters for exceptional performance, quietness and effective dust prevention. For those in doubt that a small footprint HTPC chassis can be used to build a powerful and fully loaded media server, the Grandia GD06 will change their mind.


  • Three silent 120mm fans included,support expansion cards up to 11 inches,2x hot swap drive bay
  • Positive air pressure design
  • Incredible 340mm depth to fit comfortably inside home theater cabinet
  • Support 4 x 3.5? hard drives and 2.5? hard drive or SSD (Solid-state drive)
  • Includes two front USB 3.0 ports
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Material :
Aluminum, Plastic



Matthew Millen 4.0
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Let me say up front that I enjoyed the finished product, but the case can be unruly to build in if you are not prepared. Cable management is relatively difficult even though they have provided ties and tie-off points in the case.When taking the case apart, be sure to keep track of the screw types because there are 2 different types of screws used inside of the chassis and it is difficult to tell which one should be used in a given place without trying them first. There were no additional chassis ... screws with my case (although the typical 2.5, 3.5, 5.25 drive screws and motherboard screws were included), so try not to lose the ones you removed when you took the chassis apart. Also, dropping them back into the chassis can be fairly upsetting as it is difficult to get them back out, especially in this case. I suggest using a small removable paper boat to catch any falling screws to avoid the rage.The fans are relatively loud at 12v (the voltage of the included... More >
Mark Femal 4.0
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Nice fit for everything I needed to plugin to this case. The only minor complaints (holding me back from 5 stars) I have are:1. the top support braket is hard to work with when doing general maintenance (e.g. doing cleaning or replacing things once you initially have things connected). I also wish there were screwdriver-less screws for at least the top part of the case. Then again, the standard thing once you have the cover off with most vendors is that you are generally finding screws for e ... verything else (holding in CD/DVD/Bluray, cards, etc.).2. Some of the screws are a bit small (need #1 phillips whereas #2 is the more common size) - plus, some are shorter vs. longer lengths depending on where you need to screw them in - once you get it discovered where things go, be sure to remember locations when it comes to length and put the screws back where you put them in/fit them.3. It might have been nice to plugin some kind of 3.5 media reader... More >
L. Day "LornaDoone" 3.0
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The only nice thing about the SilverStone Grandia is its looks. The hot swap drives are a nice feature. Installing a system is a bear. Everything has tiny screws to unscrew/screw with a precision screwdriver. When you drop a screw, the inevitable verbal slip comes out. There is approximately 4 metal pieces that you have to unscrew from the frame, the Hard Drive bracket -- which is two sections -- and the optical drive -- which is two sections. The stock fans aren't that noisy and I've powered al ... l three. I chose to use a SSD for the OS which screws in on top of the hot swap drive frame. If you use a HDD for the OS, it has to go above the pwr supply which I did not like. (You should not make a hot swap drive your OS for obvious reasons--but then, maybe you want to!) Over all, I think the case design is lacking in ingenuity. More >